Congratulations to our pilot community
Westpark Maintenance District

Professionally Managed by Powerstone Property Management

The Common Sense™ pilot at San Marino Park in Westpark Maintenance District was in place from January to September of 2018, and accomplished a historic feat. Once we conquered the initial configuration learning curve, the framework of the system worked as planned right from the start.  However, the real world situations encountered along the way provided several “teachable moments” for our planning & management staff, installation staff, partners, and the supporting engineers. Together, a team comprised of professionals located in Southern California, Washington, Toronto, Boston, Silicon Valley, Michigan, India, Great Britain, and other regions around the planet, accomplished a technological feat that had never been done before.  As we were expressing gratitude to one brilliant computer engineer for enduring a 4-hour troubleshooting session, he replied, “Hey, no sweat! We’re doing something completely new here and it’s really interesting…”


During the pilot, our team exposed and repaired several existing bugs that were already present in third-party components, but had previously been unidentified.  Our team worked with their teams and together, our collective systems were improved.  By April, the system was operating as planned and was allowed to run through August to verify lasting functionality.

Pilot Goals included ensuring the system worked well as designed, that cost and energy savings were verified, that management efficiencies were confirmed and that residents were able to easily engage the resident portal and realize the benefits in their daily lives.

The results?  We achieved our goals and then some.  We were able to:

  1. Validate Common Sense™ functionality
  2. Prove utility cost savings, specific to the pilot, energy and water savings
  3. Demonstrate ease of use to all parties, managers, service providers and residents
  4. Confirm and realize additional management efficiencies
  5. Establish real-world resident benefits
  6. Identify possible system improvements and future modules

For a complete overview of the pilot, click here for Pilot Update Article from the President and CEO of Three Phase Electric, Kimberly Weiss.

There is so much more to come!  New Smart Communities are coming online now, as Common Sense™ is being installed in HOAs throughout Southern California.  New modules for the system are being developed and will be launched in the coming months as they’re ready.  Common Sense™ is a scalable platform, so our HOAs can customize what modules will most benefit them for years to come.

The COMMON SENSE Smart Solution is now available to any Association wanting to turn their HOA into a true Smart Community!

We appreciate Westpark Maintenance District, Powerstone Property Management and Community Managers Cindy Cattern and Karina Reta in partnering with us to create CALIFORNIA’S FIRST SMART COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION! 

Commons Sense

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