Harness the power of technology to manage your community with ease.

Communities everywhere now have a brilliant new opportunity to evolve heirloom systems of yesterday into new COMMON SENSETM Smart Community ecosystems. The relevant features of Smart City technologies and resort-style amenities have been combined to create a modern environment for HOAs, crowned by our proprietary role-based dashboards designed especially for residents, managers and service providers.

COMMON SENSETM is built using sensors, computers, and the internet.  But its real value is derived from four building blocks:

  1. Connected Assets
  2. Data
  3. Insights
  4. Actions

In fact, COMMON SENSETM is more than an application or a product. It’s even more than the technology upon which it is built.  Rather, it is a management tool, where a connected light, pool, irrigation controller, camera, or gate can provide insight that you can use to drive action.

Efficiency and sustainability are maximized.

Communication is automated and enhanced.

Management is more efficient, enabled, empowered.

Commons Sense

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